May-Britt Frank-Grosse

After finishing her studies in architecture at the Universities of Cottbus and Stuttgart, May-Britt Frank-Grosse founded an agency for visual communication and media design before joining renowned architectural plattfrom BauNetz in 2006 as editor in chief for online magazine Designlines until 2012. After a brief stint on the commercial side of design, as head of content at online design-retailer MONOQI, she's currently supporting white lobster GmbH who is starting a plattform for sustainable product design. May-Britt Frank-Grosse lives and works in Berlin.


Interview with Jerszy Seymour

Berlin-based designer Jerszy Seymour works at the intersections of art and design, balancing an ability to pose the political, cultural, and social questions of our age with a deeply humorous approach. In his workshop near the Wedding tube stop we talked about his experiences working an industrial designer and why the question of sustainability is only one part of a greater problem.

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DMY 2013: More Innovation, Please!

Recycled shelving systems, mouth-blown glass objects, crocheted seating and bamboo bicycles were among the articles on display at the 2013 international DMY design festival in Berlin. But truly pioneering ideas and concepts were mostly conspicuous by their absence from the fair.

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Blueprints for DIY Furniture

The greatest revolution in design over the past few years is closely connected to one of the greatest problems facing the world’s population: making the transition from a consumption-orientated way of thinking about the world to a responsible use of its resources. A growing number of designers across the globe like Nina Tolstrup are increasingly developing products according to the criteria dictated by sustainability and energy-efficiency, contributing in the process to a radical cultural change.

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