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Tanja Pabelick

Tanja Pabelick, born in 1981, studied German language and literature studies, landscape architecture and industrial design in Berlin. In 2005 she worked for Stadtwandel Verlag engaging in coordination und production, since 2006 she’s been writing on design and architecture for magazines such as Baunetz, Designlines, Designreport, Monoqi or H.O.M.E. She supports and advises designers on press relations and communications and is a freelance sub-editor for Designlines in charge of the sections „Newcomer“ and „Office“.


Storming the Trees - Designlines

Modernistic Cubes and futuristic globes - a childhood dream looks quite grown up.

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Architecture Miniature - BauNetzWeekly/BauNetz

A visit to Alexander von Vegesacks laid back fairytale-castle „Domaine de Boisbuchet“ where designers and architects work on their utopia every summer.

PDF Download  

Tinkering with one’s own Image - designreport 04/2010

When there’s no seat left in the world of chairs: The everyday life of young designers is far less glamorous than what the billboards suggest.

Dubai Next - Designlines

An exhibition on the cultural identity of an importetd metropolis, which could be exemplary for the mega-cities of the future.

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Interview: Oskar Zieta - Designlines

Oskar Zieta talks about the ergonomics of stools, architecture in the field of design and reflects on what the designers of today can still learn from Jean Prouvé.

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Superstores versus mom-and-pop stores - designreport 06/2010

A package on its own is not a product in itself. By using plain cartons, simple bags or clever folding boxes producers try to convince the consumer that the contents are healthy and ecological.

Brush Wars - Designlines

Comfort Grip, globe-joints and 3D-bristles - the arms build-up of a hygienic utensil.

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